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New website will be ready soon! It will be here, it will be my new portfolio. And it’s gonna be awesome. #soon…

Hello There,

I’m Thomas.

I have been creating websites and acquiring skills in the Frontend Web Development field for a while now. This website will be my portfolio.

I live in the french-speaking part of Switzerland. I am currently looking for a full-time job, as well as for new website projects.

Feel free to contact me if you would like me to build something for you, for an eventual job opening or simply to say hi !

I still got a couple to do to make this website SEO-friendly/completely responsive, and fix a few glitches. I’m on it.

La traduction française arrive aussi.

Magento Pre-Launch Checklist

Making a Magento website live is not child’s play. If you are a Magento developer you know that this a daunting task for even a seasoned developer. It’s the final step of a long and stressful journey, and this makes it even more stressful. In this tutorial, I’ll keep it simple by giving you a pre-launch checklist, and a brief explanation of each point of this checklist.

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Create a Simple Shopping Cart Using AngularJS: Part 3

In the previous part of this tutorial series, we created a custom directive and used it in our simple shopping cart application. In this part of the tutorial series, we’ll see how to make the total div stick to the top while scrolling the browser. We’ll also create a checkout page where we’ll display all the items selected by the user.

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